LINWOOD, NJ, October 11, 2017

Easy Data Access introduces an advanced indexing system, ‘Barcode Reader add-on’ that simplifies batch scanning and indexing.

Companies everywhere are now scanning paper documents to digitize and organize them. However, manually processing and indexing documents is very time consuming and inefficient.

EDA’s document management software, Docsvault has enhanced their indexing capability by introducing Barcode Reader Add-on. This new Barcode Reader Add-on is integrated with their inbuilt scanning module. It can read barcodes on documents when scanning for indexing and naming scanned documents.

“One area of critical importance for rapid retrieval of documents is indexing (metadata). Without indexing documents, you just recreate the problems you faced with your paper-based system. Now the only difference is that you would spend more time in finding electronic documents instead of paper documents.” said Tony Mehra- Support Head, Easy Data Access. “Easy and accurate processing of documents saves time and money. A document management system with intelligent document indexing is the solution.”

The smart Barcode Reader add-on has the ability to read multiple barcodes and also break down multi-valued barcodes with specific delimiters and map them with document profile indexes or use them for auto file naming. Docsvault can read barcode values as string or date with custom date formatting. Dates capture can be further broken down into a separate day, month and year.  It can read all common types of the barcode (1D & 2D).

This new feature answers a critical business need in the area of indexing documents. It provides easy-to-understand functions of digitizing and indexing documents. The documents can be automatically presorted, indexed and stored in the centralized repository.

To learn more about Docsvault’s Barcode Reader add-on, visit or call 888.819.3035.

About Easy Data Access

Introduced in 2003, Docsvault has evolved into a sophisticated but simple electronic document management solution. Docsvault is designed to be useful in any medium-sized organization while easily scaling to the needs of enterprises of all sizes in all industries.