To minimize paper work, ease information retention and protect sensitive data.



The three main challenges that a typical government agency encounters are:

Protection & Security of Sensitive Data

Needless to say, government organizations deal with all kinds of sensitive data. Protection and security of this sensitive data is highly critical and is a real challenge for the organization.

Information Retention

Retention of each and every document is critical for government agencies, as the information may prove to be essential in future. Also, it is important to maintain records of each and every document that is processed by the agency. All government documents require scrutiny at various times, which makes retention a tough challenge.

Excessive Documentation

Every process in a government organization, from hiring and procuring to contracting needs a lot of paperwork. Every document in the system is either to be forwarded, revised or sent for approval several times before a decision is finally reached.

Government Agencies


Docsvault addresses these three major challenges of the government sector organizations very well.

Docsvault stores every document in a centralized repository on-site to prevent unauthorized access to the documents. The user and group based access control along with various system level rights, give you the power to share and control access levels to documents in your repository while keeping sensitive documents locked and secure. All this ensures that the user retains full control of the documents at all times.

The documents are stored in electronic form on a central server on the same location as the user. This empowers the user to replace the office vault containing paper documents in an unorganized method with a secure, fully searchable electronic repository. The intuitive interface and comprehensive search enhance the document accessibility thereby making sifting through them a breeze.

Document processing is a bane of the government organizations due to the sheer volume of paper and an unmanageable paper trail. Docsvault’s electronic workflows help automate document processes like approvals, reviews etc. saving time and money in the process. Collaboration with external users is made easy with secure shareable links, document request links and external user licenses. Tracking, revision management, secure digital signatures and ease of workflow creation truly make processing very easy.


Save time, money and floor space, making your office truly paperless in all senses.