To automate administration, improve collaboration and reduce paperwork costs


Here are some top challenges faced by the education industry.

Traditional Administration

Some of the administrative tasks in educational institutions are not only mundane but also time-consuming. To name a few, Balancing budgets, overseeing financial aids, planning academic schedules, creating or updating rules and policies, hiring and supervising teachers, taking care of student recruitment and admissions etc. are just some of the jobs that are still carried out in the traditional way i.e. using manual paperwork.

Low funding

Usually, most schools and colleges are in need of funding and aid as their funds keep getting cut down considerably because of budget shortfalls. Hence reducing operating expenses is highly important for all educational institutions.

Lack of collaboration

Educational institutions often follow a one-way process, donors to the principal, principal to a teacher, teacher to student. The reverse flow doesn’t happen too often and the processes aren’t streamlined. Information retrieval is one of the key requirements and improved collaboration in this industry can streamline the various internal processes.

Education Industry Case Study

The Solution – Docsvault

Docsvault can help overcome these challenges and prove to be a wise investment for the education industry.

Digitization of all paper documents via scanning can not only save time but also enable the institution to have a secure, fully searchable and organized central repository of documents, thereby making information retrieval faster and easier. Docsvault has a fine grained security and has the option to assign system level rights to users which will ensure that the documents are safe and secure. The use of feature rich e-forms helps ease out and streamline critical paper heavy processes like filling admission forms, recruitment of teachers etc.

Docsvault is one of the most economical document management software in the market. Considering the vast range of features that it has, it can be said to be virtually unbeatable in the context of offering value for money to the organization. The ROI in terms of improved efficiency of the organization is just incredible. Docsvault also helps reduce the cost of shipping student forms to their residence and administration-related documents to other branches. Also, a one-time cost ensures that it is friendly for any organizations budget.

Docsvault allows you to create simplified electronic workflows to automate and route tasks, set alerts & reminders and keep track of actions on the documents via an audit trail thereby improving efficiency and productivity. The automated workflows help improve collaboration with other branches and institutions. The quick email feature of Docsvault that can be integrated with MS Outlook, allows you to forward documents to students, teachers, donors, administrators and other branches as well as save important documents directly into the central repository with a single click.

Docsvault is a simple solution that does not require heavy funding, learning or training, can help increase the efficiency of paper heavy administrative processes and improve collaboration.