After the major release of Docsvault v.10 and subsequently the v10.3 update, we are pleased to announce Docsvault v10.7. This new release comes with many new features, enhancements and fixes. Our development team tirelessly works in our constant endeavor to keep improving the product and give our users the best experience and solutions.

Some of the highlighted new features and enhancements are:

Shared Space
Docsvault’s new Shared Space feature is a convenient way to share documents with users and groups from other departments. At times, you may want to share specific files or folders with users who do not otherwise have access to them, or are located in a deep nested folder structure. You can control to what extent and for how long other users can access shared documents.

Centralized Management of User Settings & Interface
The storage and administration of user settings have been completely overhauled while still keeping the same end-user interface for normal users. Administrators can now change user settings and interface for any user or group on demand from the convenience of their own logins. They can also set up default settings and interface for new users. This feature is very useful for organizations with a large number of users.

Auto import based on Profile Values**
The new Filing Template feature can automatically file documents in folders based on the index values that are applied to document at the time of scanning/importing. It also allows you to automatically name the file, add description and notes based on index values.

New Scanning Interface
The new version comes with some useful enhancements to the scanning interface:

  • Scanning from simple folders is now possible instead of scanners. This is helpful when scanning from remote scanners or from non-TWAIN compliant scannersEnhanced scan jobs with automatic
  • Enhanced scan jobs with automatic post scan correction options
  • New Profile and location based scanning panels
  • Unified scanning interface for both single and multiple document scanning

New Barcode Reader Add-on*
The new Barcode Reader Add-on can read barcodes on documents when scanning through the new scanning interface for indexing and naming scanned documents. The smart barcode reader can read multiple barcodes and can even break down multi-valued barcodes with delimiters and map them with document profile indexes or use them for auto file naming.

New in Web eForms Add-on*
The popular web eForms add on gets some enhancements:

  • New “Formula Table” control for simple expense reports, orders and other tables with formulas. It can also be used as a simple table without formulas for entering data in a tabular format.
  • You can now perform simple arithmetic calculations on any numeric fields
  • Formulas can be set even on a ‘Date’ field to add number of days
*Optional add-ons not included as a standard feature in Small Business and Enterprise editions.
** Feature available in Enterprise and Ultimate editions

Check out the complete features list:

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