After the major release of Docsvault v.10, we are pleased to announce Docsvault v10.3. This new release comes with many new features, enhancements and fixes. Our development team tirelessly works in our constant endeavor to keep improving the product and give our users the best experience and solutions.

Some of the highlighted new features and enhancements are:

Document Request
Docsvault’s new Document Request feature allows you to easily collect documents from non-Docsvault external users. You can now let anyone upload files to your Docsvault repository using a simple web based drag and drop interface by sending them a web link via email, instant message or by an embedded drop zone directly on your own website.

Web eForms Add-on

  • Create a highly flexible form layout with multiple columns using the new Panel control
  • New Field Rules allow you to dynamically Hide/Show specific fields based on value selected in another field on your form
  • Add style & colors to your forms using pre-designed themes or create your own theme to match your branding
  • Added new File Upload control that allows your users to upload multiple files in a single control using simple drag and drop interface
  • Docsvault names attachments uploaded with forms in a systemic manner to easily associate them with the form document
  • You now have an option to append uploaded images as pages in PDF and Word documents
  • When you sign an eform, on submission the signature is saved as an image and can be inserted in PDF and Word document

Introduced a more flexible method of applying ‘Default Security’ rights to users/groups. Instead of following a strict hierarchical order of privileges, you can now assign higher rights but still, remove certain lower rights as required in some situations.

Cabinet/Folder Ownership
Changed implied security behavior so that even individual owners of documents cannot remove users/groups with the “Change Security/Change Owner” rights on any file or folder.

User Listing by Group Report
A new built-in admin report added where to get the list of users in a specified group.

You can now create & edit Profile/Indexes right from the web client application. This option is available under the new ‘Administration’ menu that was introduced in v10.