As a government agency, your organization strives hard to provide the best to your community, meet economic needs, provide services, and ensure continuous development in all spheres of life of all citizens. A good Government Document Management Software System plays a vital role in facilitating the proper functioning and overall success of good governance.  Government document management includes public information requests, notices, retrieving documents, preserving public records, complying with record storing regulations, and maintaining archives of government policies and procedures. Many agencies are still bogged down by massive amounts of paper and the inefficiencies that are associated with paper. Docsvault serves as the best  Government document management software system at the lowest total cost of ownership to meet the growing needs of your constituents. Everywhere from police, fire, and public safety departments, to planning offices, clerks offices, courts, and administration, Docsvault reduces the frustration of document filing and improves compliance with records policies.

Government Document Management SoftwareEfficient Records Management

Using Docsvault as government document management software in government agencies at any level: federal, state, or local eliminates a lot of paper clutter and helps to go digital. Important documents such as notices, government policies, and procedures can be centralized in controlled repositories. Staff can search and retrieve files to research and make faster decisions. Citizen inquiries and requests for information are responded to immediately.

Docsvault’s virtual cabinet structure allows you to arrange your documents into Cabinets and Sub-Folders mimic Windows Explorer Folders System making acceptance into your environment very easy. For better classification, you can also add profiling & Indexing to the stored document, making it easy to search and retrieve. Document Metadata also helps in retrieving documents dynamically for say expiring contracts, permits, etc.

Process Automation

Manual Public records and paper-based documents force requestors to wait while agencies resolve through swathes of paper. With Docsvault’s Automated Workflow and Web eForms, Governments can automate and digitize requests for public records to significantly reduce processing time and messy paperwork while greatly improving the convenience for citizens. Once the public record request form is submitted, the agency receives the request, and a workflow task for review is triggered automatically. The request is routed through the necessary steps and approvals, and the agency can respond to the public quickly.

Government Organizations can automate their other document processes by routing incoming documents electronically for tracking and approvals. They can digitally transform their operations, services, internal communications, and engagement with the public. 

Records Retention & Compliance

For government entities and many businesses requiring strict compliance, this can be quite a cumbersome process. In creating the retention schedule, important records are to be classified, retention periods have to be defined and disposition dates be prescribed. Easily manage important government records policies so that files are retained and disposed of according to government regulations.  Docsvault’s records management solution has many benefits such as easy and fast access to records, compliance with legal and regulatory requirements, ensuring litigation readiness and quick response, and reduction in costs associated with resources and space used for storing and managing records.


Key Features:

  • Automated Version Control ensures easy collaboration on documents using standard check-in and check-out feature
  • User and groups based access control along with various system-level rights gives the power to share and control access levels to documents in your repository while keeping sensitive documents locked and secure
  • Audit Trail to track for events occurring between dates, by a particular user or specific activities
  • Email notifications and alerts system to keep you well-informed of all big and small changes made in your repository
  • Online Access gives you the freedom to work from anywhere using any standard web browser or Docsvault mobile application
  • Automated email intelligence to effectively capture, manage, archive, and share organization-wide email communications easily
  • Manual as well as Automatic Back up to take a full backup of your entire repository for disaster recovery

Here are some governments using Docsvault successfully:

  • Nassau County Supervisor Of Elections Office
  • Dixon Police
  • City Of Brownsville
  • City of Clearlake
  • Levy County Supervisor of Elections

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