Document management myths We all have a few laughs when we hear silly old wives tales or myths. If you kill a spider in a room, it will rain outdoors. If you make a wish over burning onions, it will come true. These myths tend to spread faster than the truth.  However, sometimes myths can prove to be costly. Here are a few myths about document management solutions that have proven to be costly for some organizations.

1)     The more expensive a technology, the more useful it will be

This myth can prove to be very expensive and most large enterprises fall prey to it. In their bid to find the best document management software, they end up getting the most expensive one. You can get all kinds of solution, expensive, affordable or cheap document management software – the question is – is it fulfilling all your needs. Document management software, or any software for that matter, can only prove to be useful to you if you have the need for it. For instance, if you buy document management software because it offers digital signature, automated workflow and automated emails, but all you need is advanced search options along with record retention feature, there is no sense in paying for more than you are getting in the deal.

2)     Everyone is buying it, so it must be good

Today, there are technological solutions for everything. Whether you want to automate a small business process or digitize everything in your organization, you have a technological solution for it. Document management software is no exception. Most organizations are recognizing the need for it and adopting it. However, many organizations blindly follow the suite of other organizations and adopt the software they go for. This may prove to be a costly mistake as it is not necessary that the more popular the document management software, the more useful it will be. You need to define the needs of your organization first and then proceed to buy document management solution.

3)     Our industries are different, so we need a different solution

Most industries, though in radically different businesses, have almost similar business processes. All of them have more or less the same requirements from their document management software. While specialized document software might sound like a good solution, it isn’t really much different from other flexible document management software that caters to a wide range of industries. Whether it’s finance, legal or healthcare industry, their needs are similar – quick access to data, sensitive data protection, file management, records retention for compliance, so on and so forth and most DMS offer these features. So investing in expensive specialized solutions doesn’t make sense for all industries unless they have very refined needs. Take Docsvault for instance, Docsvault has been adopted by leading healthcare organizations such as BJC Healthcare, big financial institutions such as Erste Group Bank AG, and even legal enterprises such as Goldstine, Skrodzki, Russian, Nemec and Hoff Ltd. The Docsvault customer snapshot should give you a fair idea of how a single document solution has been adopted and benefited so many varied industries.

4)     More features give better value for money

More features = more prices but more features don’t necessarily equate to better value for money. You can get the best bang out of your buck only if you can make optimum use of the resources. If your basic needs are file management or data access, and you opt for a complex document management solution that offers myriad of features, you won’t necessarily get more in return for your investment. Judge wisely depending upon the needs of your organization and the IT skills of your staff.

5)     Document management software should help in only that, managing documents

In today’s world, where everyone is asking for more, why would you want to settle for less? Document management solutions are more than just that – you get many other solutions such as file management, data security, access control, records retention, file versioning, online document management, file sharing, and many more. Docsvault offers a suite of features that take care of every single need that has to do with information be it document management, organizing, sharing or distributing.

6)     Management software are fancy gimmicks for big companies with big wallets

Small businesses often hesitate in adopting technology. However, the latest trends show that management software help small businesses more than large enterprises. This is because the pressures of economy, deadlines and process efficiency are more in small businesses than big companies where they have more time, energy and resources to spare. Management software can expedite working and improve efficiency through their management and productivity features.

7)     Our employees don’t know anything about software

Your employees may not be well equipped with the new wave of technology, which is why, more and more software companies are coming up with simple technology that can be used by the average Joe. The average knowledge worker uses a lot of software, web and mobile applications on a daily basis. These applications could be related to media, gaming, emailing, texting, and they help us save time, relax or simply have fun. If your employees are using computers, internet and smart phones, then they are already acquainted with software. Moreover, a simple document management solution like Docsvault, which has an interface similar to Windows, ensures your employees won’t have a hard time getting acquainted and making use of it optimally.

8)     Software solutions waste more time than save it

Sadly, this statement can be true if you invest in complex software solutions that take a long time to getting used to, require innumerable steps to do a simple task and automate everything so you don’t have any control over it. However, there are simple technological solutions that can be controlled the way you want to and help you save at least 30% of your time daily.

9)     Document management software pose security threat

With the recent advent of cloud technology, a lot of doubts were raised. Some of them were pertaining to its security threat. Cloud based technology store all your data on offsite locations which may or may not be protected. However, as is the case in Docsvault where all your data is stored in on-site locations, your data is as safe as it could be.

10)  Software upgrades are a way to mint more money

Technology becomes obsolete daily. Newer and better technologies are introduced every week, every month, even as we write about it. Under these circumstances, it is inevitable to upgrade regularly for the growth of your organization. Software upgrades improve the efficiency and working of the software, so they can help you even more.

We really hope that we have helped you debunk some of the major myths pertaining to management software, specifically document management software. If you have some more doubts about document management software, feel free to share them with us at