It is a simple to use “point and click” program that allows us to make custom screens and, most importantly, allows our own search fields for stored files. As equally important, this program allows to scan directly into the screen you are in and not having to do a second step of importing.

Jack Saxon, Owner, Saxon Auto Group

Saxon Auto Group

Docsvault creates a paperless environment without burning a hole in the pocket of Saxon Group

Saxon Auto Group has been serving the Twin Cities community for over 80 years in both automobile sales and service. They wanted to create a paperless environment in their office.


Some of the major challenges concerning document management faced by Saxon Auto Group were as follows

  • A less sustainable environment with too much paper
  • Difficulty in searching for documents


Saxon Auto Group turned to Docsvault to find a solution to their document management problems.


Creating a paperless environment is not very difficult and not even very expensive these days. In fact, its cost is easily recovered with the multiple benefits it offers. Docsvault Professional is flexible, reasonably priced document management software that gives high ROI.

Features such as Integrated Scanning have made scanning a breeze and OCR has enabled them to search documents by the text contained in scanned documents. Other useful features for this firm are PDF Printer, which allows printing documents to PDF; PDF Assembly that allows merging, splitting and appending PDF documents and other features like version control, profiling, and search.

Lastly and most importantly, the back-up and restore tool allows them to preserve their data without having to worry about it.