It truly is an easy to use, implement and maintain solution built on industry-standard components that integrates with any application and directly supports Microsoft Office.

Rob Alfieri, Tech Guru, IT Enterprise Architect, Photographer, Videographer

Rob Alfieri Photography

Docsvault helped Rob Alfieri with his challenges in managing different types of docs.

Rob Alfieri is a technology professional who works for a Fortune 50 company. He has always been a proponent of moving to a paperless office. He wears multiple professional hats of an IT enterprise architect, photographer and videographer among others and due to this, he had been facing a challenge in filing hundreds of pages of bank statements, tax returns, bills, warranty, receipts, and other documents.


Some of the top challenges faced by Rob were:

  • Filing hundreds of documents with multiple pages of different types
  • Searching for specific document tags and descriptions, not just file names or content
  • Annotating and combining documents quickly
  • Maintaining document versions after updates and revisions
  • Managing and finding documents using just the native file system
  • Getting a document management software that had rich features but was affordable


Rob opted for a document management software but its functionalities didn’t help in solving his problems. Being a seasoned IT professional he was on the search for a feature rich and affordable document management solution that was built on a standard database engine. His search came to an end when he found Docsvault.


Docsvault helped Rob with his document management challenges by enabling him to quickly scan, OCR, tag, and store his documents due to direct integration with printers and scanners. In addition to this, the integration with the Windows File Explorer allowed him to save documents to Docsvault through simple drag and drop.

Third party integration allowed Rob to save assets directly to Docsvault from most of his installed applications and that too without needing any custom integration or plug-in. Rob uses the MS Office suite heavily and the plug-in for the same has helped him in a big way in making his work faster and easier.

Since Docsvault is built on MS SQL server and had all the functions that he needed, he was able to file, tag, version, search, and manage his documents using a simple WYSIWYG interface.