This is a fantastic tool and almost crucial for a rapidly growing company. Docsvault helps retain information, keeps it organized, as well as makes files easy to find. It is very diverse and economical.

Meggitt Training Systems

Docsvault helps an Engineering firm Meggitt Training Systems Canada achieve superior information management

Meggitt Training Systems (now known as QinetiQ Target Systems) is the leading supplier of integrated live-fire and simulation weapons training systems supporting the military, defense and security forces, large metropolitan training academies, ammunition and firearms manufacturers and commercial shooting range owners.


Meggitt faced the following challenges prior to using Docsvault:

  • Inconsistent file storage and difficulty in maintaining document versions
  • Poor quality database for filtering information


Docsvault made it easier for them to centralize their document repository, access them efficiently among all users, and maintain document revisions with many more added benefits.


Meggitt is a rapidly growing company that needed to manage its documents effectively and make them more usable. Docsvault helped them achieve just that and provided them with many other benefits.

Docsvault’s advanced storage options and easy to use interface helped them transition over to Docsvault filing system easily. Audit trail helped them keep a track of what had been done, by whom and when. Through version control, they can now look into previous versions of any document very easily.

File and folder description feature allows them to accurately describe the contents of the folder without making filenames unnecessarily lengthy. They are able to create folders that are like databases (Tables) using indexes; now all their databases are in one location, under control and act all the same way.

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