Going paperless with Docsvault has been one of the best decisions that our company has made
Christina Bianchi, Accountant, Industrial Packaging

Industrial Packaging

Docsvault helps a packing manufacturing firm with their
document scanning and pdf printing challenges.

Industrial Packaging is unique packaging company that works hard to find the right materials and processes for providing packaging services to their customers either at their site or a preferred location. They also sell, install and service packaging equipment along with providing consulting for packaging


The primary challenges that Industrial Packaging faced were filing, searching, approvals, and emailing documents. They receive a lot of vendor bills online or through emails and they had difficulties in managing them, converting them to PDF for long term storage, emailing them as well as printing them quickly. A lot of time was wasted in verifying documents before printing.


Docsvault’s document preview, built in scanning, workflow, search and emailing features eased the pressing concerns of Industrial Packaging. These features enabled them not only to save valuable time but also greatly reduced their effort. Handling heavy paperwork, searching through documents, previewing before printing and sharing documents by emails became a breeze. The PDF printer feature helped them convert all kinds of documents they received from their vendors into PDF format.


Searching for a document from Docsvault is way easier than sifting through multiple cabinets. Document approval now takes way less time thanks to the workflow. Scanning and printing documents sent by vendors or customers has become a breeze and less time consuming. Built in document viewer made printing documents a breeze and saved a lot of time and effort. Docsvault’s quick email feature allowed direct emailing of documents without the need for an external email application.

In addition to this, the pdf correction & redaction feature enabled them to easily show only the relevant portion of the document where securing sensitive information was essential. Industrial Packaging was able to go paperless with the help of Docsvault and they feel it is one of the best decisions ever taken by their organization.

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