Hardy Engineering & Manufacturing

You have friendly, helpful and knowledgeable technicians always ready to help. I have received the best software support I have ever experienced while working with your company.

Joseph Gerten , IT Manager , Hardy Engineering & Manufacturing

Hardy Engineering & Manufacturing

Docsvault helps a Washington-based aerospace and engineering company to meet their core objectives of document management using document management software for engineering firm.

Hardy Engineering & Manufacturing specialize in build-to-print manufacturing, machine design and tool modification. Their objectives are quality, on-time delivery, and competitive cost.


They faced many challenges meeting their objectives like lack of a secure place to store documents, inability to meet compliance and difficulty in tracking document revisions which affected quality and delivery.


One of the most important reasons for Hardy Engineering and Manufacturing to choose Docsvault was its right pricing followed by ease of use and respected industry peer recommendation. They never encountered any issues while implementing Docsvault and were able to adopt the solution very easily and quickly, which further helped them to increase productivity in a very less time.


The most common problem area in this organization was working with large numbers of documents, where multiple people worked on similar document, which created chaos. This is why, Joseph Garten, IT Manager of Hardy Engineering and Manufacturing cited version control / revision control and tracking feature of Docsvault as their favorite feature.Docsvault Version feature automatically ensures that no document is over written. Docsvault saves all changes with the time and date stamp to further clear confusion. This feature plus the robust permissions system have helped Hardy Engineering to overcome problems, increase productivity and decrease costs.Besides these two features, Docsvault has helped them meet compliance regulations perfectly. The success of Hardy Engineering is an example that a growing company with honest and clear objectives can not only meet challenges but overcome them and fulfill their objectives exceedingly with the help of Docsvault.

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