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I have been a Docsvault customer for more than ten years and would recommend Docsvault as an essential tool if you want to maintain a tidy and efficient office

Steven Curtis, Owner , Steme Holdings Pty Ltd.

Steme Holdings Pty Ltd.

Docsvault empowered Steme Holdings Pty Ltd by building a truly paperless office.

Steme Holdings Pty Ltd. is an Australia-based investment company that holds and manages securities for investment purposes, but it typically offers investors a variety of funds and investment services, which include portfolio management, recordkeeping, custodial, legal, accounting, and tax management services.


At ‘Steme Holdings Pty Ltd’ finding, retrieving, updating, and storing paper documents was creating delays throughout the business process. The manual filing took up a lot of space, was messy and cumbersome. Locating a required document was an unpleasant chore. The company was trying to eliminate the need of having to maintain hard paper copies of documents for references and alleviate the problem of having to store all paper and documentation in the office thus reducing precious space. The paper files could not be easily found and retrieved due to the increasing number of paper cabinets.


Steme Holdings Pty Ltd purchased Docsvault document management software that offered a total solution for document scanning, storage, and easy retrieval of files. Docsvault presented an intuitive, easy solution with a familiar file structure to the company.

Docsvault’s ‘Scanning & Digitalization’ provided tools to simplify the scanning process for large amounts of documents and index them during the process. The trader was able to thoroughly index the documents and create searchable PDFs.

Docsvault’s powerful ‘Document Search’ engine indexed every text detail for a comprehensive full-text search. It’s the ability to quickly search documents eliminated the cost of space and fear of damage to important corporate records. For, Steme Holdings Pty Ltd, it has become so easy to locate documents that they even started putting old receipts for warranty claims. Often, the accountant requires a variety of documents to complete tax return compliance. In the past, this was a half-day task. Now, they could easily gather the information in just 15 minutes.


Steme Holdings Pty Ltd has been using Docsvault for more than 10 years. Implementation of this solution allowed the company to eliminate generating mountains of paper documents when meeting its compliance. In addition to eliminating paper, the solution dramatically decreased the time it took to search and retrieve documentation related to specific receipts or warranty claims. The payback period could be quickly realized in the time saved for searching documents.

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