The product seemed to be exactly what I needed and the price was right

Dr. Sandy J. Murray, Sandy J. Murray Professional Corporation

Sandy J. Murray Professional Corporation

Docsvault helped healthcare center manage their documents in a much-organized way.

Located in Alberta, Canada – Sandy J. Murray Professional Corporation is a healthcare center that serves sound medical treatment and provides more individual and person-centered care.


At ‘Sandy J. Murray Professional Corporation’, the manual filing was a long-drawn-out process. Not only they had to organize and store their files manually, hunting down the information when it was needed took long hours. The healthcare center was looking for a system that allows them to store documents in appropriate folders and categories to quickly import, export, and search for a particular document.

Initially, they set up their own database system but it did not deliver what they required.


Docsvault document management software was selected by ‘Sandy J. Murray Professional Corporation’ to meet their document management requirements. It’s electronic storage was an excellent alternative that offered a virtual structure of systematic filing. Digital folder structure enabled the healthcare center to achieve the ease of setting up new categories and subcategories.

Docsvault’s user-friendly interface enabled them to import their documents using simple methods such as drag and drop, copy and paste, and using the import button. A simple right click on a document allowed them to quickly export their documents as and when required.

Searching for and retrieving documents was a grueling process earlier. But now, the staff can easily retrieve their documents by using Docsvault’s time-saving tool ‘The Comprehensive Search’.


Searching in Docsvault is the ideal document management tool which seemed to be exactly what ‘Sandy J. Murray Professional Corporation needed. The team can easily capture and digitalize the doctor’s consultation notes, patient records, and other documents. They can efficiently manage healthcare files, patient notes, charts, billing records, and other paper and electronic documents in a secure, electronic document management system. Files are now easily searchable and instantly retrievable which saves a lot of time.

‘Sandy J. Murray Professional Corporation’ is very happy with  Docsvault as it is the most affordable software which has saved not only their valuable time but also money which was otherwise spent on expensive storage space and maintaining it.

“Product seemed to be exactly what I needed and the price was right”

Sandy J. Murray, – Physician

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