It has been a great alternative for our office, much more efficient than using traditional paper charts and filing cabinets.

David Kauffman, Systems Analyst, Anoplate Corporation

Anoplate Corporation

Docsvault helps Anoplate Corporation to digitize and automate their business process

Anoplate was found in 1960 to serve a growing need among what was then a very small, locally based machine shop and tool industry. As one of the largest and most respected metal finishing companies in the U.S. today, 220+ employees are dedicated to the delivery of world class finishing services and products for their customers worldwide. Anoplate operates from a 104,000 square foot facility, single location in Central New York State.


Anoplate employees were struggling to manage their paper documents. The out dated method of document collaboration made it extremely hard to find, manage, share and secure information across the organization. The manual process was causing great inconvenience when people had to be present in the office to review and approve documents, and auditability and security was a dilemma.


Anoplate digitized and automated their document process in Docsvault. Docsvault’s built-in Scanning tool eliminated Anoplate’s paper work by digitalizing all the documents. Search, Security, Profiling and Version Control features made it easier for them to centralize, securely manage and track all their business documents and processes. Automated electronic workflow saved lot of time and money by electronically moving documents around the workplace for faster review & approvals.


Docsvault’s diverse tools and features have helped Anoplate employees to go paperless and explore various ways to more effectively manage and collaborate their documents.

After implementing Docsvault, Anoplate staff members are able to work more productively because they are no longer wasting time searching for information or having to contact colleagues in other departments for help with finding documents.

Docsvault’s simple yet powerful document management tools allow Anoplate users to retain control over important or sensitive information, and ensure all documents can only be accessed by people with correct authorization.

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