We have scanned about 120,000 pages so far and eliminated much of our storage needs.
Amir Bienstock, President, ALLPOINT Home Health, Inc

ALLPOINT Home Health

Docsvault helps ALLPOINT Home Health to go paperless using document management software for healthcare.

ALLPOINT is a Home Health Agency that provides general assistance, live-in and live-out services, hygiene visits and appointment escort services to the elderly, disabled and Alzheimer, stroke and cancer patients


ALLPOINT agency needed to co-ordinate on a regular basis with the families of elderly and disabled people as well as caregivers, certified nurses, home health aides, nurse assistants, therapists and dieticians. They need to manage the timings, requirements, feedback, special requests, etc and remember all this data or at least store them where they can easily find it.

  • Storage was at a premium. Needed to archive old documents
  • Needed information quickly; couldn’t waste time searching for right files and poring over paper forms


Docsvault helped ALLPOINT to manage documents such that information is now quickly accessible and well organized.


Docsvault helped ALLPOINT to archive more than 120,000 paper documents and now they are almost paperless. Some of the Docsvault features that people at ALLPOINT Home Health swear by are Integrated Scanning, PDF Printer (Print documents to PDF), PDF Assembly (Merge, split, append), Back-up & Restore and Folder Templates.

Features like integrated scanning, PDF printer and PDF assembly help to convert documents to PDF and manipulate them to add annotations, stamp or to highlight important text. Folder template feature helps to organize documents better. It helps them to store documents in such a way that when searching for information, they get results quickly.

All in all Docsvault helps ALLPOINT to manage and organize documents better. Also, they don’t have to worry about investing in extra space for storing old documents.

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