Personal User Workspaces

My Workspace

My Workspace is yet another productivity tool from Docsvault that is created to simplify functionalities that you use on daily basis. It allows you to access your recently used, accessed and edited files and folders in an instant, so you don’t have to search them in deep folder structures. My Workspace is a great tool for all departments and types of users. It drastically cuts down the time to access needed files and gives boost to the overall staff productivity.

What it means for you?

If your paper documents are scanned and stored in a central repository, you can make your office truly paperless, more organized and save all, your important documents without occupying extra floor space. A good document management software will save you time and money by eliminating unproductive activities like storing and retrieving documents from folders and cabinets.Docsvault makes your paper documents searchable with OCR, so you don’t have to go over every single detail in documents to extract information. All your documents are saved in a safe and secure location, with user and group level rights assigned to important documents, to protect the misuse of sensitive data.

My Workspace

Fast Facts

      • Docsvault automatically sorts all your recent files and folders in My Workspace
      • Every user gets instant access to their files of interest eliminating time wasted in searching for documents