Docsvault performs quite like Windows Explorer and its looks and functionalities are very similar to that of Windows Explorer. It features simple drag &drop and copy & paste functionality for copying, moving and importing files and folders that all Windows users are quite familiar with. Integration with Windows Explorer Save & Open dialogs allows user to open or save files directly from any application’s “Save as” and “Open” dialogs. Even the keyboard shortcuts for Docsvault Explorer are similar to that of Windows Explorer.

 What it means to you?

  • Windows Explorer ‘Open’ and ‘Save As’ dialogs for quick access to Docsvault repository
  • Presents a hierarchical structure of cabinets, folders, and files
  • Well-thought out right click menu allows you to access often-used functions more easily
  • Familiar tree and folder structure makes it very easy for users to incorporate Docsvault in their daily work with minimal or no training