Organizations need to evolve to address the changing business landscapes. With more business conducted on the Internet than ever before, those document approval jobs such as invoice, purchase order, agreements and contract renewal, etc. would also want the convenience of digital signature.Web SignaturesDigital Signature also known as Web signatures are making life easier for Approvers, Managers and Vendors from various industries especially when work needs to get done and they are away from the office. Docsvault web signatures allow you to sign documents — anywhere, any time. It helps your company improve internal & external communication that will aid the overall business in many ways.

Here are the latest enhancements of Docsvault ‘Digital Signature’ to take your business to the next level:

1. In-Person Signatures:
Digital  Signature will make it easy for you to close deals faster by signing agreements or getting authorizations in-person using the “Get Sign” option in web interface.

2. Advanced Interface:
All authorized users can digitally sign documents in the new and more creative web application

3. Handy Signature Styles:
New digital signature is now available in many styles or options for drawing/upload of your own hand signature to make your signatures more authentic

4. Sign Many File Formats:
You can digitally sign a document in any format such as PDF, Word, Excel, Text, Tiff files and converts them to digitally signed PDFs

5. Text Annotations Before Signature:
Digital signature allows you to insert common text elements like date of signature, Name, Title, Email, Check marks, etc. with simple drag and drop. You may even write your own text on the document before signing it.

There are many situations where you can start using ‘Digital Signatures’ to bring more productivity and reduce errors and delays in many processes you currently handle using physical signatures.

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