LINWOOD, NJ, October 23, 2019:  Easy Data Access announces new major release version. This new version 12 promises exciting new features and enhancements. The new version focuses on smart working through a lot of automation features that make work easier and faster.

Release Highlights

  • New and improved way to get document signatures from non-Docsvault Users using Signature Requests as part of the Digital Signatures Add-on
  • Improved workflow capabilities making workflow processes faster, more convenient and more transparent. Introducing new dynamic workflow participant ‘Document Owner’, new workflow action report and much more…
  • Email Reminder Jobs (aka Auto Emailing) are now a built-in feature in the Enterprise and Ultimate editions. Allowing creating outbound email jobs to automatically send out emails on schedule for time-sensitive documents.
  • A new PDF optimization engine for optimizing and reducing the file size of OCRed PDF files
  • Enhanced auto-import of files in Advanced Import add-on. A new option to specify a profile instead of just index field values for import jobs and extracting metadata from email files (.eml and .msg formats) that can be mapped to any index field in Docsvault
  • New option added in eForms add-on to “Uploaded Files Only” in Document Creation allowing saving file uploads only without creating a main form document on form submissions.
  • Enhanced Export Profile Report. The report will now include multiple values for any index field using a delimited character, the document location path will also include the actual filename and a new ‘Description field’ added to report.
  • Enhanced Scanning from a Folder job by including the filename and description fields when scanning from a folder using the “Profile Based Auto Filing” setting

For a complete list of changes, check out:
What’s new in Ent & Ult
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A senior professional at Docsvault said, “With all the new features & enhancements in Docsvault v12, we have kept our commitment to help our customers effortlessly and securely do their business in the digital world. The highlight of this release is the ability of customers to request document Signatures from anyone. It has modernized Digital Signature add-on and have broadened the way to get signature on documents from their clients and vendors.

About Easy Data Access

Introduced in 2003, Docsvault has evolved into a sophisticated but simple electronic document management solution. Docsvault is designed to be useful in any small or medium sized organization while easily scaling to the needs of enterprises of all sizes in all industries.