Exciting news! You can now apply watermarks on PDFs shared online via Public Share Links. There are five main benefits to this:

  • Protect your PDFs while sharing online with watermarking
  • Let users choose the watermark text or enforce a system-wide watermark for shared PDFs
  • Watermark with static text or dynamic variables
  • Watermark will be visible only when users view PDFs using public shared links and will not affect the originals in Docsvault
  • You’ll no longer need external software to watermark each PDF before sharing online

For a complete list of changes, check out: What’s new in Ent & Ult

Upgrade Steps

Learn how to upgrade from previous versions here… 


This release is for Enterprise & Ultimate editions only. You may skip this update if you do not plan to use the watermark feature.

Just take a moment to discover all the new features and enhancements and don’t forget to give us your feedback.

Docsvault Team