v12.7 Special Feature Release: the easiest way to watermark your shared PDFs online

Exciting news! You can now apply watermarks on PDFs shared online via Public Share Links. There are five main benefits to this:

  • Protect your PDFs while sharing online with watermarking
  • Let users choose the watermark text or enforce a system-wide watermark for shared PDFs
  • Watermark with static text or dynamic variables
  • Watermark will be visible only when users view PDFs using public shared links and will not affect the originals in Docsvault
  • You’ll no longer need external software to watermark each PDF before sharing online

For a complete list of changes, check out: What’s new in Ent & Ult

Upgrade Steps

Learn how to upgrade from previous versions here… 


This release is for Enterprise & Ultimate editions only. You may skip this update if you do not plan to use the watermark feature.

Just take a moment to discover all the new features and enhancements and don’t forget to give us your feedback.

Docsvault Team