The latest version of Docsvault reaffirms its commitment to enhancing user experience with a range of updates and improvements. These updates aim to optimize processes, increase efficiency, and provide a more intuitive user interface. Here are some of the highlighted new features and enhancements:

New Features

Analytics Tools: New for Enterprise Edition.

  • User Security Audit Module:
    • Comprehensive user/group access report for administrators.
    • Evaluate effective permissions based on user/group securities or document ownership.
    • Check user rights throughout the repository or specific areas.
    • Display permissions as a folder hierarchy or a flat list.
    • Export data to Excel or save as PDF.
  • Dynamic Folder Usage Report:
    • Embedded in the right-click menu of any folder or cabinet and available to all users.
    • Displays the number of files and total size at each level of the folder structure.
    • Invokable from any hierarchy level, available in two modes:
      • Files directly within the folder.
      • All files within the folder and its subfolders.

Add New Static List Values on The Fly:
New functionality to add new items for a static list index field list on the fly while filling out the profile. Only authorized users with “Edit Profile” system level right will be able to add new values. This greatly improves the consistency of data input by end users and thereby consistency in folder and file names when used in conjunction with automatic filing and naming rules.

Add Static Index Value

Microsoft 365 Modern Authentication (OAuth2) Support: 

  • Email Alerts: OAuth2 Authentication has been introduced for SMTP protocol when configuring Email Alerts with Microsoft 365. This enhances security and simplifies the set-up process.
  • Email Capture Add-ons**: OAuth authorization has been introduced for IMAP protocol when configuring Email Capture Jobs with Microsoft 365 accounts.

New PDF Viewer for Preview Panel in Public Share Interface**:
A new PDF viewer for the preview panel within the Public Share Link interface. Users can now effortlessly zoom in, rotate, and navigate through PDF pages. Additionally, they have the ability to search for specific text within PDF documents, access document properties, and conveniently print PDF files.

Add My Workspace Items to Your Favorites Toolbar:
Personalize your Favorites toolbar in the desktop client application with shortcuts to your frequently used public share, workflow, check out, task calendar, and recent documents nodes.

New Interface Themes for Desktop Client and Server Application:
Introduced a variety of modern themes for both the desktop client and server application, including themes optimized for high-resolution displays.

Web Interface Themes:
Added multiple new themes for the web client to take your experience working with the Web Interface to the next level. Introduced many themes specially for high-resolution monitors.

Add Static Index Value

Customized Column Inheritance:
New folders created will now inherit the customized column settings of their parent folder. This will allow folders created automatically through folder templates or Profile rules to be consistent with the desired columns throughout the subfolder structures.

API Add-on**:

  • Extended API functionality with new API calls for searching files with Profile and Index field values.
  • Enhanced ‘Newfile’ API calls for file uploading with a file stream in addition to the regular query string.


  • Improved Barcode Recognition Functionality for 2D barcodes like QR Code, Datamatrix and PDF417.
  • UI scaling improvements for Docsvault client and server applications.
  • Retention of selected page layout mode (Single Page vs Continuous) in PDF viewer/editor between sessions.
  • Horizontal scroll bar functionality in both web and desktop clients for the Recycle Bin.


MS SQL Server:
New Docsvault installations will now install SQL 2022 Express edition by default. Users can still choose to use their own SQL Database 2014 and above servers.

Change in automatic scheduler for Backup, Email Reminder, and Export Jobs**:

  • Docsvault will execute backup operations without impersonation, meaning they will run as the SYSTEM user. This helps in situations where a user’s password change breaks the backup tasks execution.
  • Docsvault default timing for the scheduler can be directly changed from Windows Task Scheduler.
  • Scheduled Export tasks will run as SYSTEM user as well and its schedule can be edited directly from Windows Task Scheduler.

** Features and Add-ons available in Enterprise and Ultimate editions New Features

For a detailed list of changes, enhancements, and fixes, please refer to the link below:

What’s new in Ent & Ult 

What’s new in SB

Upgrade Steps

Learn how to upgrade from previous versions here.

We hope you enjoy these new features and enhancements in Docsvault Version 14!

The Docsvault Team