The new version continues Docsvault’s commitment to bring you updates and enhancements that will improve user experience. Some of the highlighted new features and enhancements:

New PDF Viewer for the Preview Panel

Docsvault’s new PDF Viewer is now available for the preview panel in the “Desktop Client” interface.

  • Users can now easily zoom in, rotate, and navigate through PDF pages. They can also search for text in PDFs, view document properties, and print PDFs easily.
  • Users with “Preview” rights only will not be able to print or export the PDF files but will be able to zoom in for clarity and use other navigation features.


Docsvault’s enhanced workflow capabilities now enable users to perform more actions during the document workflow process.

  • Workflow Managers will be able to see reports of workflows in which they have participated as managers
  • The bottom status bar will now display the total number of items when the filter is applied in the Workflow listing
  • Sort and Filter of workflow tasks list will persist refresh now. It will remember the settings until the workflow node is changed.
  • Added workflow ‘Initiated Date’ as a new column in the workflow listing will allow users to better visualize the start date of any workflow task
  • A new button to view and edit document notes is now included in the Workflow node.

Folder Template

It is now possible to move folders if both the source and destination location have the same folder template restrictions

OCR add-on

Docsvault has improved OCR process to increase accuracy with OCR image processing.

Barcode Reader add-on*

Docsvault’s Barcode Reader add-on has introduced two new attributes.

  • New delimiters added while configuring barcode rules:
    • To specify space as a separator, use
    • To specify a new line, use \n
  • Barcode index fields can now be mapped with Auto Profile index fields

Advanced Import Add-on*

You can now map captured index field with static or dynamic Users/Groups index fields within Docsvault

Advanced Profile Add-on*

Added the ability to map external database lookup fields with dynamic ‘Users/Groups’ index fields within Docsvault

*Optional add-ons not included as a standard feature in Small Business and Enterprise editions
** Feature available in Enterprise and Ultimate editions

For a complete list of changes, check out:

What’s new in SB
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Upgrade Steps

Learn how to upgrade from previous versions here… 

Just take a moment to discover all the new features and enhancements and don’t forget to give us your feedback.

The Docsvault Team