Evolutions in remote access allow more and more employees to work from any location. The organization is responsible for the remote staff to efficiently perform its functions from outside the office environment, which means its document authentication strategy must make it as easy as possible to safely access business documents from anywhere, at any time. For users to ensure that their documents are well protected, Docsvault has strengthened Document Management Security by providing two-factor authentication (2FA).

2 Factor Authentication

What is Two Factor Authentication?

Authentication is the process of verifying the identity of a user in order to establish access to a computer system or online account. Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) is an added layer of security that requires a user to submit an additional authentication factor along with their username and password. After logging in with your password, you are asked to enter a verification code to prove your identity. You can get this verification code via email, push notification, SMS, or use specialized authenticator apps.

What is Authenticator App?

Authenticator apps are generally considered to be a slightly more secure form of 2FA. It’s an app on your mobile phone that generates digital verification codes which can be used to verify your identity when logging into a website or application. There are many different authenticator apps to choose from, including Google Authenticator, Microsoft Authenticator, Authy, etc. These applications are available for free for both Android and iOS devices.

Why use Two Factor Authentication?

Here are 4 key benefits of Two Factor Authentication (2FA) to protect your business data in your Document Management System

  1. Stronger Security:
    Global cybercrime damages are estimated to reach around $6 trillion annually by end of 2021. Two factor authentication adds an extra layer of security to the authentication process by making it harder for hackers to access online accounts and person’s devices and stops credential theft. 2FA highly reduces the risk of a security breach, and sensitive data stays protected.
  2. Increase Productivity:
    Many organizations are now allowing their employees to work remotely as it encourages flexibility and more productivity. When you make your data more secure using 2FA, you can permit your employees to work remotely without fear that doing so will result in a data breach, and that can boost productivity.
  3. Reduce Fraud and Improve customer relations:
    With 2FA, customers will be motivated to add more information to their documents as it secures the document, the transaction, and the customer.
  4. Regulatory Compliance:
    This 2FA approach to authentication reduces the risk of automated attacks that plague single password authentication solutions. To date, the use of 2FA is a needed measure to comply with particular password restrictions in sectors such as defense, law, finance, healthcare, and government, among others.

How to get 2FA with Docsvault

We have seen enabling two-factor authentication has serious benefits for your business.  That is why Docsvault offers two-factor authentication (2FA) to verify user logins.  If you enable 2FA in Docsvault, each time a user signs in to Docsvault on a new device, they will need to enter a password and a verification code.

In addition, Docsvault offers a number of features that can help you secure and control your business’s sensitive information. Docsvault fine grained security is an ideal complement to two-factor authentication, while you can also set password and expiration dates for shared links.

So, what else is out there? Well, 2FA is merely a subset of multi-factor authentication (MFA). MFA is generally used in high-security environments to make your accounts much harder for attackers to break into using inherence factors for protection, such as a fingerprint, retina scan, or voice recognition.

The good news — whether it’s just two factors, or three or more — ordinary users aren’t likely to ever use anything beyond two-factor authentication which offers an extra layer of security for your business’s online files, keeping your sensitive data shielded from potential cyber threats.

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