Jack Saxon, Owner of Saxon Auto Group, said that Docsvault helped them create a paperless environment.

He added further, “Docsvault is a simple to use “point and click” program that allows us to make custom screens and, most importantly, allows our own search fields for stored files. As equally important, this program allows scanning directly into the screen you are in and not having to do a second step of importing.”

Some of the features of Docsvault they cannot do without are:

1. Integrated Scanning and OCR
2. PDF Printer (Print documents to PDF)
3. PDF Assembly (Merge, split, append)
4. Document Managing features (Version control, profiling)
5. Search

Most people state ease of use and affordability to be the strongest points of Docsvault. Jack Saxon reiterated the fact as he said, “The Docsvault program is easy to use, easy to make specific to your company and reasonably priced. At this point, it is working for our needs.”

If Docsvault is working for the needs of Saxon Auto Group, it will work for your needs too. Get this document management software for your organization and witness the benefits yourself.