Docsvault Spreads a Word to Go Paperless

Think Green, Think Docsvault

Docsvault document management software considers helping industries to go paperless as one of its biggest responsibilities. It is committed to spread a word around, educate, persuade and help companies to adopt a paperless office environment. More paperless offices means more trees saved and lesser forests destroyed.

If you are still using paper in your organization for internal processes, maybe it is time you make a change. Going green is not just a style statement, there’s a reason why half the world is talking about it and most responsible companies are committing to a green lifestyle.

Why go paperless?

• Thousands of acres of tropical forests are lost every year. These rainforests once covered 14% of the land; they cover only 6% of the earth now
• According to environmental experts, remaining forest areas would be obliterated in approximately less than a period of 40 years
• Deforestation causes the loss of 50000 species of plants and animals every year

2011 is the International Year of Forests. Let it also be the year you adopt a green lifestyle.