On-Premise Document Management Software

On Premise Document Management Software

No matter which industry you are in, your company produces and stores massive amounts of data. This data is critical to your organization’s daily functions and will grow as the company grows. Of course, there are several ways to store data, including on-premises and the cloud, but companies are often caught between two options when they deliberate the ideal way to store their important data.

For any industry, data security considerations are always paramount and that is the reason why many companies still opt for On Premise storage despite cloud storage that is growing increasingly popular.

What is On-Premise Document Management Software (DMS)?

An on-premise DMS is a data storing and managing software with data servers installed on the premises of the organization, allowing businesses to store, manage, analyze, and monitor electronic files and folders.

5 benefits of keeping your data On-Premise

  1. Security

    As the companies are moving towards an electronic paperless environment, the need for document security has become absolute. The security measures for the entire system against failure, manipulation or external assaults can be carefully planned by specialists. The advantage of On-Premise is that company has the security completely in their own hands and thus can meet their own special requirements. For the Cloud, you have to use what is offered.

  2. Compliance

    Many companies these days operate under some form of regulatory control regardless of the industry. Since the company has very sensitive information such as it’s confidential documents, employee data and customer information that, if leaked or stolen, could harm the company and even open it up to litigation. On-Premise storage gives control, security and manages company data effectively as required to meet Regulatory Compliance. Nowadays, many companies implement an on-premise solution to become GDPR compliant which provides strict guidelines for protecting, managing and purging personal data for EU citizens.

  3. Control Over Data

    The on-premise environment is very much ideal for organizations that want more control over their data with extra privacy. It hugely increases the ability to fine-tune the performance of document management within the organization. Your data, hardware, and software platforms are all yours. You can supervise on the configuration, the upgrades, and system changes. Whereas Cloud-based storage platform does not have the same level of control as On-Premise storage. Furthermore, data migration is easier in on-premise storage as compared to cloud storage.

  4. Easy Access

    The biggest benefit of using On-Premise document management software is that all users in the office who are connected to the server can quickly and easily access and share files, making intra-office collaboration seamless. As there’s no reliance on internet service so if the company’s Internet is down, employees can still access company files. Employees can still securely access company data through Virtual Private Network (VPN) via the Internet when needed.

  5. Cost

    For On-Premise usually there are one-time license costs for server and clients, and if necessary, individual development. Update and support contracts usually range from 18% – 25% annually. Whereas all costs for operating the Cloud solution are usually calculated on a monthly fee per user, in combination with storage space. This quickly adds up to huge yearly expenses.

Docsvault – On-Premise Document Management Software (DMS)

Docsvault is an on-premise document management software that runs on your own server. It is designed for a multi-user environment and can be accessed using desktop edition, web browser as well as mobile apps. A multi-user environment enables companies to support the growing demand for data storage, as well as manage and protect data at massive scale while addressing the challenges of cost, simplicity, and manageability.

It is a feature-rich document management software with all the tools for a complete conversion to a paperless office. Its rich feature set consists of simple document management features like document scanning, full-text searching, document version control, audit trail to automated features such as document workflows, digital signature, and more.

Docsvault Mobile Document Management app enables you to use Android and iOS tablets and smartphones to securely access, collaborate, and search all your documents stored in the centralized server in your office. It allows you to easily upload documents to your repository, so you never miss out on important documents again while on the go!

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