Smart Document Collaboration

Collaboration is the real key to success in manufacturing. This becomes especially important if you are operating from different geographical locations. Many companies quite understandably outsource their manufacturing because they can cut the cost drastically in countries like China, India and Korea.

The Problem
Geographic distance adds lead-time, and manufacturing centers in low-cost countries often compensate for low margins with untrained and unskilled labor. Add to that language barrier and you have a huge communication problem.

The Solution

The only way to get around this problem is through pushing collaboration. Docsvault allows you to seamlessly integrate all your business software and bring together all departments right from purchase through to manufacturing and sales, so your staff from all over the world can collaborate smartly.

It also allows you to keep tabs on all activities and generate reports such as total labor wages, timesheets, raw material utilization and more to ensure the quantity, speed and quality of manufacturing. It allows you to make sure you are operating at an optimum level. A lot of factories operate at maximum capacity to cut costs; this can lead to long-term problems.

What’s more, you can pivot and make important decisions based on collaborative discussions. Sometimes all it takes is a change of color, or shape to catch a trend or extend the run of a flagging style. But how can you know and have you ever noticed its flagging?

The data you need to improve your operations is already there, but perhaps you aren’t using it as well as you could. A good collaboration platform like Docsvault,  document management software that connects your data analysts, designers and manufacturing heads can help you bring about timely changes and avoid having a dying or a dead product on your hand.


The stakes in today’s manufacturing industry are high, while the margins are as tight as always. To create the products your customers want and keep your operations efficient and maintain your margins, you need full and flexible collaboration throughout your value chain. When you share the goals, risk,s and rewards with your partners, you can improve customer satisfaction—as well as your margins.