Once upon a time there was a kingdom (read office) where lived a slavemaster. This slave master made all his slaves (read employees) toil from dawn to dusk and dusk to dawn. Slowly, all his slaves fell ill one by one and the kingdom was conquered by another king.

Moral of the story: Make your employees work smarter, not harder.

This tale may look too farfetched but it often happens that organizations lose their productivity and niche because of poor efficiency.

Employees are the backbone of any organization. If they are not provided with the right tools, they may become over-burdened and their productivity will decline.

Document management software is an excellent tool that can help your employees work smart so that they can finish more work in less time. Let’s see how our document management software, Docsvault, can help your employees work smarter:

1)      In traditional paper-based offices, employees spend 30% of their time on an average searching for information. This can prove quite costly to your company as your employees not only waste their paid hours in doing something unproductive but also because it may turn off customers due to longer response times. Docsvault creates a true digital repository for your paper documents as well as all of your electronic files, so that your employees can access your documents more easily.  It offers Quick Search tools that help locate files in a snap. Quick access to information not only benefits your efficiency but also allows you to maintain high levels of customer satisfaction.

2)      Another major bottleneck in most organizations is proper flow of work and tasks. In absence of a systematic workflow your employees may find it difficult to meet deadlines and you may lose out on business. Docsvault offers Simple Workflow System that allows your employees to route documents for approval or verification, set reminders for important tasks and get notifications of latest updates thereby ensuring that all jobs are completed on time.

3)      Very often employees are overburdened with replying to emails and saving them for records, so much so that most of their productive hours in the mornings are wasted in sorting out emails and replying to them. Docsvault offers integration within Outlook and Quick Emailing features that makes replying to queries a breeze. With Docsvault the chore that takes an average employee 3-4 hours a day can be now be completed in significantly less time.

In Conclusion: Docsvault can help your employees work smartly and efficiently. Help your employees work smarter, not harder – Try Docsvault today!