Your documents reflect the past, present and future of your organization’s goals and processes and the way you work with your documents reflect the sustainability of your goals and processes. The secret behind every organization’s success lies in the way they take care of their documents and make them work.

Here are some secrets that will reveal how you can make your documents work for you. These tips will help you achieve efficiency at work and make your processes smoother.

1. Organize With Consistency, Purpose and Intent

Organizing your documents properly is one of the most important investments of time you can make for your business. However, organizing your documents at the onset of implementing document management system and then neglecting it may hamper your document management system.

You need to achieve filing consistency throughout your organization and ensure every single document is properly named, tagged and stored. It may seem like a lot of hard work at first but when you have laid down a guideline with purpose and intent clearly explained, it will become simple and easy. Once your documents are organized properly you will see your documents have become easily searchable, more informative and less at risk of theft or leakage.

2. Communicate More on Documents

Docsvault allows making notes on documents so that you can leave notes about updates and changes on the document itself, allowing everyone across the organization to see them when they access it.

Let’s take an example – Peter is the head of marketing department at a construction company. His job entails leading his team to convert queries into sales. Hence, every time his team members add forms containing information filled in by potential clients, he reviews the information and adds notes in Docsvault’s Document Notes Box, which can be instantly seen by everyone working on that client.

This method makes follow up and access more transparent and simple compared to traditional communication methods such as emails and chats.

3. Integrate Your Documents & Tasks

Documents and tasks go hand in hand. Docsvault capably integrates documents with tasks so that everyone working on the task is on the same page at any given time. It retains every task detail from task layouts, source documents, edits and task notes through to final copies. This way, when you need to reopen the task in future for referencing or e-discovery, you have all the details handy. This method saves time and makes documents and tasks more informative.

These are just a few tips to make your documents work for you. Docsvault is packed with many more such features and integrations that allows you to reduce redundancy at work and make your documents work for you. For more information on Docsvault’s features and benefits, please see our Docsvault Features page.