Mitigate Malpractice Claims with Docsvault’s Enterprise Edition

Mitigate Malpractice ClaimsLaw firms are expected to follow certain professional standards, failing which they may fall prey to malpractice claims. Docsvault – legal document management software can help law firms to mitigate malpractice claims with its comprehensive features like document notes, profiling, versioning, document retention, task/event reminders, online collaboration and many more. Let’s find out how Docsvault can help law firms do this.

  • Centralized Repository

A centralized repository in which all members of your firm can access, edit and manage your documents reduces any malpractice concerns. Docsvault provides an easy and effective document management solution, so once client matter and documents are brought into the repository, they become established records. Additionally, you can check out and check-in documents, make multiple versions, add notes, set relation with other client documents and so on with proper traceability.

  • Document Notes

Document notes allow members to make a note of client instructions, latest court decisions, advice on matters, etc. This feature not only improves communication within the law firm but also allows you to justify your position in case of malpractice claims.

Docsvault provides highly customizable document profiles and indexes that are very useful in law firms. Document profiling feature ensures all your documents are neatly profiled and indexed, making retrieving them a snap-in case of e-discoveries.

Docsvault allows you to save your emails and their attachments using a convenient Outlook integration. Email capture jobs on the server can automatically fetch new emails in multiple inboxes and classify them neatly within the Docsvault repository. This way, you can ensure all your communication with your clients is recorded in Docsvault. This helps you refer to your client communication any time you want and ensure you never miss out on any events.

Managing important dates for clients, events and documents is a critical step in handling each and every case. With so much information to keep track of, it’s easy to miss important deadlines. This is one of the greatest risks of malpractice claims for law firms. Docsvault provides task management tools such as allocating tasks, setting deadlines, sending automatic reminders and many other follow-up tools, which makes missing a deadline nearly impossible.

  • Online Collaboration

Docsvault Enterprise offers web access, so that your documents are available to your entire team, anytime, anywhere providing instant access into all deadlines and documents related to a matter whether they are in the courtroom or at a remote office.

Document retention is a must-have tool for any law firm due to increased pressure from new regulatory laws. Docsvault Enterprise offers a complete records management system that allows you to manage clients’ documents and matter effectively.

All in all, having legal document management software like Docsvault can help law firms to mitigate malpractice claims and ensure they always stay in the clear.