#Problem 1: Lack of Co-ordination

Samuel recently joined as the marketing manager in a fairly new manufacturing company. He was excited with the opportunity as the prospects for him in this growing company seemed abundant. So far he had worked in large companies where he couldn’t see himself growing. However, soon he was disillusioned. Everything was utter chaos. There seemed no orientation between the production and sales department. Buyers had to wait on end for days while suppliers didn’t receive payments on time. He realized that the root of the problem lied in lack of communication and co-ordination.

Document Management Problems

#Problem 2: Relying on Traditional Paper-Intensive Methods

When Hannah joined her father’s media agency she was shocked with the old paper-intensive routine that was followed there. Every single paper seemed to have at least a dozen copies. Approvals were still done on paper. She sat down and calculated paper, ink and storage costs and realized her father could hire at least 5 new designers with the money saved. She discussed the problem with her father but he said there’s no other simpler way to do it and dismissed the problem.

#Problem 3: Failure to Comply With Regulations

Dr. Gandhi ran a small but busy practice and had been too worked up to catch on the latest HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) rules and dismissed it as a passing fad. He stored the physical records in his cabinet and the scanned documents on his computer. Since the key and password for both the cabinet and computer were only with him, he believed that he was doing his best to comply with regulations. When his office was seized by an electrical fire, he lost everything. Though he had kept the data safe from security threats, he didn’t realize that HIPAA Administrative Safeguards also require covered entities to have a plan for secure access to patient documents under emergency conditions, as well as a plan for recovery from a disaster situation.

Have you ever met with any of these problems? Every workplace has unique challenges but the root of all these problems is same. In the next article we will discuss how Samuel, Hannah and Dr. Gandhi met these challenges.