hr dms

Digitization of Human Resource functions is a crucial aspect that has to be taken into consideration when keeping in mind matters of cost optimization, automating redundant human resource functions as well as giving executive-level security rights.

The challenges that human resource managers face when communicating with their employees are bottlenecks that are related to paperwork. During the onboarding process, heaps of documents are created which make employees irritated as well as misinformed as to what exactly is going on.

Moreover, keeping a proper track of employees’ Annual performance appraisals also becomes cumbersome as thousands of employee paper documents have to be maintained in one organization.

In such circumstances, a proper document management system would be able to truly convert your office into a paperless one. A DMS Software would help in digitizing the onboarding and appraisal process which makes life easier for any Human Resource Manager.

Below are a few instances where Docsvault,  a professional Document Management Software can help in streamlining HR Functions.

  • Physical employee records can be scanned and converted to searchable digital files for easy search and retrieval.
  • One can create predefined folder templates to systematically store employee documents such as I-9s, FMLA,W-4, overseas service records, and pension entitlement, etc.
  • Admins can give executive-level security rights to maintain the confidentiality of important documents and ensure employee file folders are secured.
  • Hiring managers can create custom web eForms for creating online job applications. These eForms can be used on the company website to fill up documents such as fully completed resumes, job applications, etc.
  • Automatic Workflow can be triggered and alerts can be set on new form submissions giving complete freedom from paper forms while making collected information more actionable.
  • Email notifications and reminders can be set on workflows instances such as benefit enrollments and performance reviews.
  • Digital Signatures can be used on documents during the workflow process which helps in certifying the authenticity and validity of a document.

Apart from the following features, a document management software can create reports based on the document metadata and can retain records of employees using the built-in Records Retention feature.

If we look at all the above points, we can decipher that a thoroughly designed document management system doesn’t just become necessary, but imperative for Any HR Function to be sustainable in the long run.