In the past few years, Health care sectors have gone beyond just taking care of the sick. Medical industries have to get along with complex technical innovations and treatment methods, making quality management, and a patient-centric approach a must. Health care facilities and clinics deploy a lot of forms and paperwork. Patient forms, doctor notes, payment receipts, insurance cards, diagnosis codes, lab results – all from just one patient! Moreover, medical facilities have to maintain all the records for a minimum of 10 years after a patient’s last visit. Thus, to triumph over these challenges, healthcare agencies must find efficient ways that allow them to develop at a fast pace that does not sacrifice quality, care, and management. Docsvault provides an agile and user-friendly system for managing healthcare documents electronically.


Greatest Advantages of using Docsvault:

  • It helps you maintain HIPAA Compliance and keeps your data secured all the time with Docsvault’s fine-grained securities and disaster recovery solutions.
  • It automates routine processes like document flow management and minimizes administrative expenses.
  • It effectively manages all departments, patients, and staff with ease and improves patient experience and transparency in patient’s care.
  • It streamlines efficient paperless operations on documents such as insurance forms, Payroll, Treatment files, immunization records, Health insurance claims, Prescriptions, Billing information, Medical proxy forms, Social security information, Medicaid and Medicare forms, etc.
  • It ensures better coordination between labs and results with the error-free workflow of information from one department to another.
  • It reduces the need for storage, material, equipment, and staff to retrieve documents physically that saves time and money 

Powerful Management Tools

  • Document Security Management
    Docsvault’s user and group-based Access Control along with various system-level rights ensure document security by restricting unauthorized access to sensitive documents and patients’ records.
  • Web eForms
    Transform your outdated patient medical information into an Electronic Form and simplify manual entry processes. You can not only design and create electronic forms but also organize the crucial data securely in your repository for easy access, retrieval, and analysis.
  • Document Version Control
    You can easily retrieve and edit information in the latest or an older version of a document for enhanced research, decision-making, and auditing with built-in Document Version Control. From document collaboration, improvement, review, revision, and approval, it simplifies the process by preserving all versions.
  • Workflow
    Docsvault Electronic Workflow offers real-time document collaboration. Get your document approval processes more streamlined, more accurate, and less time-consuming.
  • Data Backup and Restore
    Docsvault takes care of all your backup needs so that your data is never lost to inopportune catastrophes. Its Automatic Backup can take a full or incremental backup of all your data. Quick Restore tools allow settling back to routine in event of a calamity or disaster quickly.
  • Audit Trail
    Log any activity being performed on a document and view a complete history of events inside Docsvault. These activities can be creation, modification, copying, moving, deletion, and so forth. Administrators or managers can view the Audit Log and identify each step in the process the document goes through.
  • Records Retention
    Docsvault ‘s Records Retention Management Solution simplifies identifying, classifying, and final disposition of records as per your internal policies and regulatory laws

How Docsvault helped Marion County Public Health

Using traditional paper charts in filing cabinets wasn’t very user friendly for Marion County Public Health as they dealt with a lot of paperwork in their daily routine. It consumed a lot of their time and energy both filing and retrieving documents. Docsvault replaced the cumbersome task of paper & chart filing and cabinet management with a streamlined and easy electronic document management system. They can scan and store all documents electronically and find them easily without having to sift through tons of papers.

It has been a great alternative for our office, much more efficient than using traditional paper charts and filing cabinets.”

– Rachel Cecil, Assistant Director, Marion County Public Health