The world we knew changed a few decades back when the internet was introduced. The web changed the way we communicate, share and work. For almost everything we do today – pay utility bills, talk with friends and family, buy stuff – we use the internet. So why not use it to manage documents? Docsvault recently introduced its web application that allows you to manage your documents online. This online document management system is set to change the way you manage and share your documents and make them truly accessible. So why do you need Web Access for document management? Apart from the obvious reasons, here are 5 solid reasons why you need online document management system.


1)     Make Your Documents More Accessible

Imagine not having your documents handy when your client calls up for a quick meeting? Online document management has got that covered, so you have your documents within reach 24 x 7. Simply access your portal from a web browser and get the documents you need. Now you don’t need to wait until the office is open or someone forwards you the documents, you are ready when the client is.

2)     Promote Greater Collaboration

Online document management facilitates collaboration with its Task Management feature that allows you to route documents and tasks, stay updated on latest developments, exchange notes and comments, check off personal tasks and thus ensure all the concerned people collaborate effectively.

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3)     Be Away from Office, Not Work

Work doesn’t stop when you are out of the office. Documents keep on being piled up for approval and tasks are lined up for you. With online document management system, you can access your documents and complete important tasks, so even when you are away from the office, you are not away from work.

4)     Facilitate Remote Working

In today’s work culture, allowing remote working for the workforce on the road and work from home employees is very important. Docsvault’s Web Application ensures all your remote employees are updated with latest documents and have full access to tasks assigned to them so that they can complete their work effectively.

5)     Freedom from Emails

One of the most time-consuming and irksome parts of work is keeping track of emails to find out task statuses. With online access, you can keep track of all tasks without having to sort endless emails for checking minor task updates and comments on them.

Online document management system goes further than just document management, it can change the way you work, collaborate and communicate. Most organizations know the difference it makes and is adopting the web technology, what about you?