Trying to find the right information or document from hundreds of folders is like riding the struggle bus every day. Wasting a frustrating half hour digging through folders and sub-folders for the right file has a real impact on how your employees can perform their jobs. Docsvault presents ‘Validation Mask’ in Document Profiling & Tagging (Metadata) feature that makes your profiling jobs much easier. Document Profiling & Tagging enables you to instantly categorize & organize your documents and frees up the time you’d normally spend on finding information.

Why ‘Validation Mask’ in Document Profiling & Tagging makes the perfect storm?

Validation Mask’ goes beyond just labelling your documents and organizing them. An index field can use an input mask, or filter, that controls what you can enter into the index field. It ensures the quality of incoming data. It helps you to enter data correctly into the system by applying a predefined validation mask or creating your own validation rule on indexes.

You can apply an input mask for Text and Numeric data type indexes: 

Text Data Type:

As you create indexes in Docsvault, you’ll often use text data type fields to capture information like the user’s name, social security number, phone number, and more. This information often has formatting requirements that make it easier for users to enter the right values in a field and display in a familiar manner.

The standard Social Security number (US) format is: xxx-xx-xxxx, which is represented by the regular expression \d\d\d-\d\d-\d\d\d\d. You can use this regular expression along with a field mask to make it easier for users to enter numbers in the correct format.

Numeric Data Type:

Numeric input masks are specifically designed for entering numeric values such as integer, float values, currencies, percentage, etc.

For example, Currency – to store monetary data.  You can set maximum length of a real number to enter and a number of decimal places to use when displaying numbers. Currency symbol can be used to display current type at the beginning of the field to guide data entry. For example, a dollar sign ($)

What’s great about using Docsvault’s ‘Validation Mask’?

  • Validation mask rules for index values ensures the correct format of data in your indexing to avoid any human error
  • It increases data accuracy for speedy retrieval of your documents
  • Valuable document input and information allows you to search the right document in a snap
  • Companies having huge data sets such as names, addresses, phone numbers, Job numbers, PO numbers, can effectively control the correct input of information.

Start profiling & Tagging

By adopting Docsvault’s Validation Masking tool for organizing information, you’ll be able to change how your team works in other ways than just storage processes. They’ll have more time and less complicated work to complete with it.  So start profiling & tagging your documents today!