Enterprise Document Management System

EDMS – A Document Management System That’s Got Your Back

When was the last time you used Facebook just to update your status? Whenever you log in to your FB account, you check your friends’ statuses, reply to messages, share interesting photos, chat, so on and so forth. While the fundamentals of any technology remain same, gradually its uses and functionalities broaden to encompass a lot of different things. Similarly, while Docsvault’s fundamental premise was offering affordable and simple document management, today it has widened its scope to include a lot of new things that go beyond document management. Let’s a have brief look at all the new features that Docsvault offers:

Web Access:

According to the World Investment Report 2009, published by the UNCTAD (United Nations Conference on Trade and Development), there are over 88 thousand multinational companies around the world. And we are purely talking about large capital firms here. Small and medium businesses too have started expanding with offices spread within or outside their own country. These figures clearly show that web-based document management technology is no longer an option, it is a must. Docsvault Enterprise Edition offers web access that allows organizations to become truly global. Its simple Web Interface allows users to create, communicate and collaborate on information with each other easily and adapt to evolving business changes.

Records Retention:

Thousands of documents are created daily in your database, some of which you are aware of and some you aren’t. Information is one of the most important assets of any organization but if not controlled, it can prove to be costly and dangerous. If you want to run your business efficiently, you need to know what documents you have, who uses it, where it’s located and most importantly, how long you need to keep it. This will allow you to maintain the privacy of your information as well as ensure quick response to litigation and government inquiries. Also, it will allow you to dispose of information that could be used against you. This is possible with Records Retention and Management. You can create uniform policies to create, store and dispose of records to ensure you only have the data that you need.

Automatic Export:

We realize the value of something when we don’t have it. You may have backed up of all your important documents but if you neglect taking backup of other less important day-to-day documents, you may find yourself in trouble when you lose them. Docsvault offers automatic export of the entire repository with all the files saved in an original format, so even in times of emergency, you can start your work without a hitch. You just need to schedule export at predefined intervals and keep a parallel copy of your repository in normal Windows folders and you are good to go.

Docsvault has truly got your back now, it will watch out for you even when you are not watching. Download a fully functional 30 days trial of Docsvault Enterprise today and find out how good it’s to have someone watching out for you.