We are excited to announce the release of the new Docsvault v13. In the last few months, we have been tirelessly working to improve Docsvault and we believe that new features and enhancements will help you enjoy your experience with our v13 even more.

So what is Docsvault v13 all about?

New Features

  • Two-Factor Authentication, or 2FA, to add an extra layer of protection ensuring secure user logins beyond just a username and password
  • A completely new PDF viewer in “Web Client”, “Shared Links” and “External Users” interfaces to easily zoom in, rotate, view, search, print and download PDF files
  • Watermark option to protect PDF files while sharing them online with Public Share Links
  • Document Profiles – Filing Templates to extract month and year from ‘Date’ index fields to use them in Auto-naming and filing of documents
  • Server-Side Logging: Added logs for admin to track capture progress for Email Automation add-on & Advanced Import add-on
  • Digital Signature Add-on Users can now choose to use the modern web singing interface instead of the legacy desktop-based interface while digitally signing PDFs in their Desktop Clients
  • Zone Text Tool Add-on to extract data from text-based PDFs and convert them into highly structured, usable data

Installation Note

Microsoft Defender may falsely block our apps. Please click on the “More info” link and then click the “Run anyway” button. We just resigned our application with new digital signatures and Windows defender does not recognize it yet.

Check out the complete feature list:

What’s new

Upgrade Steps

Learn how to upgrade from previous versions here

Get the Update
Customers with active software maintenance can find their new download packages in their Client Center, under ‘Downloads (Latest qualified version)’ in the main dashboard.

Need to renew your software maintenance?
Log in to your Client Center and click ‘Renew Maintenance’ in the main dashboard or contact sales for further assistance.

We hope you enjoy the new features of Docsvault v13 and look forward to your feedback on the new version!


Docsvault Team