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It goes without saying that Electronic Document Workflow management automates and improves processes in all areas of business by eliminating most of the human intervention requirements.

However, many document management systems today suffer from fundamental limitations that make it difficult to manage crucial approval processes. This limitation is ’less flexible structure’ in most workflows that have a set of predefined participants and processes. Many times it creates problems when many participants are assigned the work on different document types based on their departments for a workflow. The static workflow is restricted to one or a few sets of workers.

Adding Dynamic Participants using User/Group dynamic index field:

Docsvault’s flexible structure allows participants to be assigned dynamically based on the dynamic user/group index value associated with the document.

For example, selecting an approver to approve a document based on the department or document type.


Follow these two steps to assign dynamic participants in a workflow:

  • Create an index field using the “Users/Groups” dynamic index field. For instance, “Approver”.
  • Use this dynamic index field while selecting Participants in a workflow.

Now, whenever a workflow is executed on a document that has this index field associated with it – Docsvault will take the value assigned to this field e.g. ‘Approver = Marry Webb’ as the participant of a specific workflow step.

‘Document Owner’ as a workflow participant: Using this dynamic participant, any workflow step can be assigned automatically to the actual owner of the document. By default, users creating or importing new documents in Docsvault are owners of those documents.

Adding Dynamic Participant using Workflow Initiator User: Using this type of dynamic participant, you can assign any workflow step to the person who actually initiated that particular workflow instance. For example in a scenario where you want the document to be sent back to the initiator for any correction.

Docsvault’s dynamic participants in electronic workflow turn your back office from a confusing wasteland into a smooth sailing and efficient powerhouse. It allows each of your company’s teams to save a whole lot of time they’d spend managing daily work. It’s easily customizable structure makes it possible to form changes as processes naturally evolve, ensuring your team’s and their processes’ performance.

And what’s more, all participants can smartly coordinate with others in real-time distributed workflow tasks.

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