document management for healthcare

Big hospitals and medical institutions have large Electronic Medical Record (EMR) and Electronic Health Record (EHR) systems to manage all aspects of patient health data and other operational documents. However, these systems are very costly, complex to manage and most of the time an overkill for needs of smaller health care practices and public health institutions.

Docsvault with its simple and user friendly document management system has helped various public health institutions in managing their patient documents in one single accessed controlled repository.

Marion County Health is one such customer which has benefitted from the Docsvault DMS system. Their review about the product was positive and here’s what Rachel Cecil, the Assistant Director of the County had to say:

It has been a great alternative for our office, much more efficient than using traditional paper charts and filing cabinets”.

Here are some of the problems they had and the solutions Docsvault DMS was able to provide.


  • Lack of space to store child health charts was one of the main problems which they were facing
  • Lack of systematic integration amongst documents
  • Document safeguarding issues
  • Authentication of documents
  • Accessibility of documents to specific locations for other users to see, make edit and re-send
  • Assigning tasks to other users
  • Saving multiple file formats into a single system


  • Using built-in document scanning and capture tool all their paper documents were digitized and stored in centralized repository, saving all important documents without occupying extra floor space and making their office truly paperless and more organized.
  • Document organization through virtual file cabinets which can be tagged into profiles and indexes for easy identification
  • All documents were made into fillable pdf forms which can be edited through the built-in pdf editor
  • To ensure authenticity and safeguarding of such forms, they would be given validated digital signatures & user security rights
  • Docsvaultprovides remote access  through a secure VPN Connection for easy user accessibility
  • Tasks can be assigned to multiple users using Document Tasks feature
  • Document notes features helped users in saving important information which could be visible to other users as well.
  • Docsvault supports all file formats. They can store and preview Word, Excel, PDF as well as images in any format (JPEG, TIFF, EPS, etc.) in Docsvault’s built-in document preview

Marion County health is just one of the many healthcare customers of Docsvault which have benefited due to it’s simple, affordable, quick and collaborative document management system.