The wait is over, Docsvault’s major update v11 has been Released!

We are proud to take a wrap off our new launch – Docsvault v11! The new release is well stocked with many new and exciting features and enhancements. Docsvault team is aimed at providing faster and simpler tools to meet the real time requirements of their clients by putting continuous efforts in product research and analysis.

Some of the highlighted new features are:

Workflow Upgrades
Docsvault’s redesigned & simplified workflow GUI speeds up the approval process by making necessary information available upfront. You can now export workflow documents and their profile metadata automatically to a predefined location during a workflow action.

Retention Automation
Now Docsvault can apply retention to your documents automatically based on their profile and date index field in them. Retention can also be manually applied to large number of documents in one go.

Version Control
You can now save versions of documents in different file formats. Example: A word document can now have a PDF version available to all users and reverted to word format for changes and updates when necessary

New Docsvault User Index
A new versatile users/groups index field allows you to create lists of Docsvault users or groups that can be assigned to a document’s profile. Example: Document Approvers, Sales Person, Managers, etc.

eForms Add-On**

  1. New Reports module allows you to create customized reports based on form submission entries
  2. With ‘New Profile Index Control’ you can map Docsvault profile index field
  3. New Field Rule Action: In addition to show/hide fields, you can now even set values for fields based on selection/value of other fields

Digital Signatures Add-On**
The sparkling new web signature interface allows authorized users digitally sign documents in web browsers now. Authorized signers can collect ad-hoc in person signatures from non Docsvault users using the “Get Sign” option.

New Analytics Tools Add-on:**
This brand new add-on consists of tools like the “User Security Audit” module and the “Folder Usage” enabling the admins to get comprehensive user/group access reports as well as provide an insight into the overall usage of various sections of repository.

Optional add-ons not included as a standard feature in Enterprise editions.

Check out the complete features list:
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