Importance of Digital Signature in Business Environment

While it is long known that digital signature is very important for regulatory compliance, there is still debate about its benefits. One school of thought is that digital signature can expedite business approval processes and confirms the integrity of a message, while the other school of thought is it can lead to problems in countries and states where laws regarding digital signature are not clear or almost non-existent. However, where daily operations are concerned digital signatures are greatly beneficial.

HIPAA Compliance

Brings down geographical barriers

Gone are the days when contracts and important documents when sent by courier and organizations had to wait for days to complete transactions. Today, everything from highly confidential contracts to petitions can be signed using digital signatures.


Easy-Discovery during E-Discovery

A digitally signed document cannot be, modified while in transit or maliciously modified, it can stand up in the court of law more effectively than paper documents. Also, during e-discovery process where tens and thousands of documents and mails have to be verified, tracking relevant documents becomes easier when documents are digitally signed and time stamped in contrast to physical documents that are signed manually. Most importantly, digitally signed documents cannot be repudiated by the signer.

HIPAA Compliance

The bigger picture

Almost all public and private organizations are facing the threat of ever-changing regulatory laws. As more and more complex electronic methods are adopted in government, healthcare and private organizations, outdated methods like printing documents, shipping them and getting them signed are forsaken. Accordingly the regulations are also changing and using technologies like audit trail, digital signature, records retention are becoming mandatory. Docsvault ensures you are equipped with all the latest technologies so you can meet all changes head on.

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