Success Story: How Docsvault helped an Automation Company

Docsvault successWhen C&F Automotive Ltd., a part of a global manufacturing group for the automotive industry, first evaluated Docsvault, they were faced many issues pertaining to document management.

Their primary aim was to access their documents, any time anywhere. This was crucial, because when they were at a remote customer location and needed access to the right documents, and quickly, they couldn’t do it. They tried to meet the challenge halfway by carrying documents on a hard drive or memory stick but were still not satisfied with the results.

Docsvault document management system, however, proved to be the right solution and eliminated all these challenges right away. Their documents were now well-organized and quickly accessible. Everyone quickly adapted to the new document management system because of its user-friendliness and result-oriented features.

According to Mr. Denis McCrohan, they narrowed down their choice to Docsvault because it had superior functionality and was still reasonably pricing. Some of the Docsvault features that people at C & F Automotive swear by are revision control, document profiling, and web access.

Another important area where Docsvault has helped them is regulatory compliance. They can not only perform e-audit with ease but also meet ISO/TS 16949 requirements. Read this case study, and find out more on how C & F Automotive adopted Docsvault and how they emerged successfully.