Most big companies have system administrators who are supposed to take care of performing regular backup and checking its validity. However, despite having system administrators, taking regular backups and performing regular checks – some data goes missing mysteriously. In small companies the scenario is quite different. Here employees are responsible for taking care of their own backup and most of the times it is forgotten until when it’s needed.

Docsvault takes care of all your backup needs so that your data is never lost to inopportune catastrophes. Docsvault offers Automatic Backup which can be scheduled to take full or incremental backup of all your data. Automatic backup means no one needs to remember to take the backup, Docsvault will take care of it. Moreover, it will take Full or Incremental Backup so that your backup data doesn’t fill up your hard drives eating away valuable free space.

Docsvault offers an easy export tool that allows you to take all your data on a DVD or any other device which can be kept in a separate location for safeguarding. It preserves the original format of all the files while backing up so that when you restore the files you get them unchanged and ready to use.

Why Backup and Restore?

Docsvault is more than document management software. It is a total solution that takes care of your business interests and compliance needs. It offers backup and restore because:

  • Regulations like HIPAA, Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act and SOX state that all companies must have contingency plans that include backup and recovery
  • Backup tools provide companies with necessary equipment to safeguard business knowledge and information
  • Quick restore tools allow settling back to routine in event of a calamity or disaster quickly

Thus, even if you forget taking backup of your valuable data, Docsvault won’t and you will always stay one step ahead of your game.