Despite being flexible software for all types of industries, Docsvault is highly favored in the healthcare industry because of its myriad features that go well beyond document management. Docsvault is a 360 degree management tool that helps you save, share, secure and manage heaps of information which is the lifeblood for any organization. In this post, we will discuss why Docsvault is especially favored by healthcare organizations.

Healthcare Document Management Software SystemNewer Technologies

Unlike basic document management software, Docsvault offers myriad document management features that span all necessities in healthcare organizations. For instance, our latest feature enhancement allows users to view DICOM medical files (X-Ray angiogram, CT Scan, MRI, Nuclear, Ultrasound, etc.) in Docsvault desktop previewer. With this feature, users don’t need to install separate DICOM viewing software. Other than this, some newest features like digital signature, dynamic profiling, automated workflow, etc. are especially time-saving and crucial for healthcare organizations.

Better compliance

Healthcare firms have to be very careful with their data. Regulatory compliance such as HIPAA and other acts has made it mandatory for healthcare firms to secure personnel and patient data and track how it is used. This is one of the main reasons why Docsvault’s healthcare document management software is so popular in these firms. Docsvault’s features like audit trail, version control, access control, automatic backup, email notifications and secured sharing makes it easier for healthcare organizations to handle patient data and comply with regulations.

Smarter collaboration

Organizations for clinical research, bio-medical outfits, hospitals, healthcare institutions generate tonnes of data every day, some which is highly confidential. Thus, simple collaboration techniques cannot work. Different levels of security need to be set, smarter collaboration techniques need to be adopted and this is possible with Docsvault – one of the basic but utmost important reasons why everybody including healthcare providers choose Docsvault for their healthcare document management.