Security Template

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Security Template

Security Template includes predefined sets of most common rights that can be quickly applied to the groups and users.


To create a Security Template


Select the Administration menu and click the Templates > Security Template option.

Click New button to add a Security Template.

In the Security Template, enter a name and description for the new security template.

Click on the Add button to open the Assign Security box.

From the displayed list in Users/Groups column, select a user or the entire group and assign appropriate access rights.

Click on Add  button.

The Security template will display the list of all members and their rights.

In order to restrict the other user with the adequate rights to modify the template, select the checkbox next to 'Prevent edits by other template users '

Click the Save button to save the set of selected members in a Security Template. The Security Template will now be listed in the Security Template drop-down.


                                                  Security Template


In the above image, scanning security template is created with the default users and the rights assigned to them.  When this security template is assigned to any cabinet/folder, the user 'Richard' will have the basic rights that will allow him to scan and store the papers in the folder.


To edit a Security Template, click the Edit button in the Security Template list.

To delete a Security Template, click the Delete button in the Security Template list.


note Note:

Editing or Deleting a Security Template will not affect locations where you previously used the Security template.


  Applying a Security Template

To learn how to use Security Templates with a folder, see Edit Folder Properties.