Edit Folder Properties

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Edit Folder Properties

Editing a Folder's Indexes


Select Folder and then right click to bring up the popup menu   Or

   From the Edit menu select Properties.

In Indexes tab, you can select the profile and fill up the index values.


Check the box Apply to sub folders and files, if you wish to apply this set of  index or profile to all the sub folder and files. You have an option to push both profile & index values or only certain index values irrespective of the subitems profile.


Make the necessary changes and then click on Apply button to update the changes.

Click on OK button to close.




Properties-Folder Indexes

Properties-Folder Indexes


Editing a Folder Properties - Security


Each Docsvault folder can have its own set of properties and security rights. By default, a security properties is inherited from its parent folder. A parent folder is the cabinet/folder directly above it in the hierarchy. As new folders are created they inherit the Users and Groups with their associated rights from their parent folder. You can break an inheritance chain at any level by changing its users, groups or their access rights.


For example:

Neil, at a later date wants to allow a new user Richard to access the folder.




doc_security Security:

Changes can only be made by administrator and user with Change Security rights on the folder.



Select the folder and then right click to bring up the popup menu Or

   From the Edit menu select Properties.


Properties-Folder Security

Properties-Folder Security


The Security tab window will display the list of all the Users and Groups. By default, From Parent will be selected as all the security rights are inherited from its parent. You can edit the security rights in one of the two ways.


To change Security Properties using Customize option


Customize will allow to manually add users or groups and assign the access rights.


Click on the Add button. The popup window will displayed list of Users/Groups column.


Select a user or the entire group and  assign specific access rights, assign the security rights and then click on Add button.



To change Security Properties using Template option


This option allows the use of preset Security Template.


oSelecting this option will popup box with preset Security Template to choose from.

oSelect the template.

oThe list box will display the list of all members and their rights. if you wish to propagate the changes to the child folders and files of the folder, check the box labeled 'Apply to sub folders and files'

Click on OK button to update the changes.