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Profile Template

Profile template is a set of profiles that you wish to be made available while assigning it to a documents.


To create a Profile Template


Select the Administration menu and click the Templates > Profile option.

Click New button to add a Profile Template.

In the Profile Template, enter a name and description for the new profile template.

Select the checkbox next the Profile that you want to add.

From the selected profile, set the default profile by clicking on the radio button under Default column.

In order to restrict the other user with the adequate rights to modify the template, select the checkbox next to 'Prevent edits by other template users '

Click the Save button to save the set of selected profiles as a Profile Template. The Profile Template will now be listed in the Profile Template drop-down.


                         Profile Template


In the above image, Billing and Project Profiles collectively form Project Template with Project Profile as a default profile.

To edit a Profile Template, click the Edit button in the Profile Template list.

To delete a Profile Template, click the Delete button in the Profile Template list.

note Note:

Editing or Deleting a Profile Template will not affect locations where you previously used the Profile template. For example, if you delete a Profile Template this will not delete the Profile that has been assigned to a document.  


 Applying a Profile Template


To learn how to use Profile Templates with a cabinet, see Create a New Cabinet.