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File Template

File Template are a collection of commonly used files. You can store draft documents in File Templates for later one click creation of repetitive documents. File Templates can contain multiple files at the same time and users can choose to create only desired files while creating new documents.


For example:

If your organization uses a predefined format for contracts, agreements, forms, and other communications, the drafts for these documents can be stored in File templates and then later on users can recreate these documents with one click at desired location within Docsvault.




To create a File Template


In Docsvault Client select the Administration menu and click Templates > File.

Click New button to add a new File Template.

In the dialog that opens up, enter a name and description for the new File Template.

Click the green + button to select files to be added to the template.

In order to restrict other users with rights to modify templates, select the checkbox 'Prevent edits by other template admins'.

Click the Save button to save the new File Template. The File Template will now be listed as an option while creating new files using the 'New' option from the top toolbar or from the right click menu in Docsvault.


File Template

File Template


note Note:

Editing or Deleting a File Template will not affect files that were created previously in Docsvault using that File Template.




To create new files from File Template


Select a cabinet/folder under which you want to create new files.

Bring up the New dialog box in one of the following ways:

  On the File menu, click on New Or

  Right-click on destination cabinet/folder from tree view or list view panel to get the popup menu. Click on New Or

  Right click at an empty region in the list view panel, below the list of documents to display the popup menu. Click on New Or

  Click on the New icon on main toolbar.

Select File from Template option.

In Create Files From Template dialog, select the Template from the top drop down list.

Check the Files to create. This will create a copy of the selected file in the designation location.

Enter an optional Description for the new file being created

Check "Check out files after creation" to automatically checkout files after they are created

Click on the Save button to create the selected files.


Create a new file using File Template

Create a new file using File Template


tip Tip:

To get the most out of file templates, you can edit the existing file templates or create new file templates so that the set of your templates will best fit your organization's policies and regulation.