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Templates are predefined set to structures that can be used if you are creating a lot of similar documents.  You can save time by define multiple templates of folder and file structures and properties like security, allowed profiles and Audit Trail settings. You can then create new folder structure and set its properties based on the Templates.


Docsvault allows you to set the following Templates:


Folder Template: Set Folder Structure with predefined profile, security, audit events and customize column to display.

File Template: Set the File template that includes draft documents which can be easily used to recreate file in the system.

Profile Template: Set the Profile template to associate it with the commonly used documents type.

Security Template: Set predefined security settings on any folder or file.

Audit Event Template: Set alerts on important events that constantly requires to be monitored.

Email Template: Compose and save a message as a template, and then reuse it when needed.



Benefits of using Templates:


Easy to update, and provide consistency

The Users can concentrate on the content of the document rather than the format and properties.

When used in conjunction with custom Profiles/Indexes, the search can be easy.